About Us

We keep your records for all required areas of campaign disclosure reporting. With the use of our specialized computer programs we will record all contributions, non-monetary contributions, expenditures, accrued expenses, loans and loan payments, adjustment to cash, pledges and pledge payments.

As your treasurer, PR+ will prepare and maintain all the financial records of the committee, including but not limited to, making all deposits, writing all checks (approved by our client) and providing all necessary bookkeeping and reporting services.

Political Reporting Plus will work closely with you and your representative to assure that all requirements are met and you and your representative have computer access to your records.


  • All contributions are monitored for legal compliance.
  • Precise record keeping and disbursement controls are a priority.
  • Uncompromised campaign finance management.
  • FPPC – FEC – CEC – FTB
  • Audits are performed on site and documentation stored in house.
  • Certified Member of Women/Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE)
  • Member of California Political Treasurers Association


Michelle Moore Sanders
  • 27 years of experience as a corporate Vice President for 3 of the top 10 rated financial institutions in the US
  • 17 years as Vice President with the David L. Gould Company serving as the Chief Operating Officer
  • Federal, State and local campaigns
  • Vice President, California Political Treasurers Association

(310) 817-6753 direct
(323) 610-0490 cell

Cine D. Ivery
  • 30 years of Campaign Experience
  • 20+ years in the California State Legislature
  • 10 years in Campaign Consulting
  • 10 years Slate Mailer Production
  • 15 years as a Paralegal/Legal Administrator

(310) 878-4131 direct
(323) 240-0380 cell